IT Security Expert, Business Development Expert, Organizational Development Specialist, Owner, CEO, PhD student, #cybersecurity #humansecurity #zoltanszeker

Zoltan Szeker

Owner, CEO

Hungarian Business Awards - Winner - 2024, IT Security Expert, Business Development Expert, Organizational Development Specialist, Zoltan Szeker
IT Security Expert, Business Development Expert, Organizational Development Specialist, Owner, CEO, PhD student, #cybersecurity #humansecurity #zoltanszeker

Leaders are seeking to pay more attention to addressing issues related to human resources within the organization.

The latest research reveals that they mainly focus on organizational culture, employer branding, and retaining their employees. However, new trends increasingly indicate the growing importance of developing their own digital skills. Those who aim to become more confident in making technological decisions have already recognized the need to update their colleagues’ qualifications as well. They would also take on a greater role in addressing business or organizational issues arising from developments, as well as in forming strategic partnerships, because they believe their company is at critical strategic turning points.

„As a founder of five successful brands, I have been able to demonstrate my entrepreneurial skills and ability to identify market gaps and develop innovative solutions to meet business needs. Through my current venture, Sailinghangar, which provides leadership development and assessment solutions, I have been able to showcase my expertise in people management and the importance of aligning executive roles with strategic objectives.

In addition to my experience as a founder, I have also held roles such as interim chief operating officer, deputy CEO’s personal advisor, and change manager, which have enabled me to provide strategic guidance and support to senior leadership teams. I have also demonstrated my expertise in agile project management and software development, which are increasingly essential in today’s fast-paced digital world.

My education in economics, supply chain management, and organizational development, as well as my licenses and certifications, including IBM Cloud Pak for Security Sales Foundation v2, demonstrate my commitment to continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

In recognition of my innovative approach to leadership and management, I have been honored with awards such as the Industrial Innovation Awards and International Innovation Awards of the ERP category.

Overall, my extensive experience in management consulting, IT leadership, and digital transformation, combined with my entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to continuous learning, make me an ideal partner for any organization looking to drive business growth and transformation.

I believe in our mission, our people, and our solutions — and in providing the best possible customer service. A data-driven approach informs my management style and my customers’ success, but I look beyond the numbers because I am passionate about the work we do. I am driven to do whatever it takes to be the best partner with the best company culture in the business.”

@zoltan.szeker – „Everyone wants to be successful — but not many understand how to get there.”

The latest survey mentioned increasing cyber risks due to AI, as over the next five years, even more leaders, 77 percent, anticipate such cyber risks. Many are anticipating challenges threatening their company’s reputation and the growth of legal regulations. However, it’s important to note the trend that over the next three years, expectations point towards AI not just requiring new skills from their employees but also changing the way value is created and the nature of competition within their industry.
Digital transformation? How can I succeed in the digital business world?

Business Development Expert

Among the threats, skilled workforce and cyber risks are at the forefront. At least one-third of leaders are concerned about these, according to the latest survey. It’s worth noting that concern among business leaders about risks posed by cyber attacks has not changed since last year!
Enhancing Performance and Mental Health: Integrating Positive Psychology and Digital Skills

Organizational Development Specialist

In a mentally unstable environment, work can negatively impact performance. Positive psychology can help facilitate clear communication, thereby supporting mental health and enhancing resilience. Therefore, it is important for digital capabilities to evolve concurrently. During the #sailinghangar training sessions, we compare real-life examples with practical instances of cyber spaces and leadership.
Risk analysis and management are also crucial aspects of this framework.

IT Security Expert

Digitization has emerged in the world of finance as well, leading to the renewal of numerous traditional financial services, adapting to modern expectations. Transactions are now just a click away, promising a convenient and forward-looking approach to banking.

Numbers of work-life experience in 20 years

Number of sectors
  1. Technology and Software Development
  2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry
  3. Finance and Banking
  4. Consumer Goods and Retail
  5. Automotive and Vehicle Manufacturing
  6. Food and Beverage Industry
  7. Energy Sector (e.g., Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy)
  8. Entertainment Industry (Film, Music, Entertainment Electronics)
  9. Logistics and Transportation
  10. Real Estate and Construction Industry
  11. Education and EdTech (Education Technology)
  12. Tourism and Hospitality
Number of Projects
1 +
  • Digital business development
  • Performance enhancement
  • Mental health
  • Leadership development
  • Human security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Restructuring
  • IT & Business strategy alignment
  • Change management
Number of publications
1 +
  • Comprehensive Analysis of the Geological, Hydrographic, Limnological, Climatic, and Viticiltural Parameters of the Tokaj Wine Region (2023)
  • The potential attraction of electric surf, foils and sups in the tourism of smaller Hungarian mining lakes (2023)
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Successful Construction Group (2023)
  • Maximizing Success: The Key to a Solid Business Plan for Your Sports Center (2023)
  • Cybersecurity: a game worth more than zero, played by two (2022)
  • Is digitalization a cure-all? (2022)
  • Prevention instead of pain relief (2022)
  • Forced digitization – this is what the pandemic’s latest wave of digitization brought to businesses (2022)
  • IT and Business Together: Taking the Company to the Summit (2022)
  • The Negative Impact of Narcissistic Leaders on Digital Transformation Processes and IT Security (2022)
  • The Change (Chapter 12) – Management Advisory Handbook (Innovation – Renewal – Sustainability – ISBN: 978 963 454 011 3) (2017)
  • All publications are available in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (Hungarian Academy of Science), the database of Hungarian scientific publications.
Number of interim or C-level positions
1 +
  • CEO
  • CSO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • Board member
  • Advisor
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
Number of countries I have worked in
1 +
Number of Patents
Number of Honors & awards
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The personal responsibility of leaders is increasing.
Strict financial and non-financial sanctions are being imposed. Keeping customers’ information secure is becoming increasingly important for every business. More and more people are worried day by day about keeping their personal data safe from the wrong hands.

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